Well as some of you have noticed, Angelscraft has shut down, but not for long! They will be making it into a Walking dead server. I know they have shut the server down a lot before, but let’s hope you can all stay strong and keep angelscraft in your server list. Since Angel herself is passionate about the walking dead, I’m sure she’ll do well. I’ll stand by to help with building and advertising, even livestreams once it’s up.


sorry about the lack of posts and updates, it’s summer here and I’m too heat sensitive to have much energy to do much. I’ve also found this year I’m mostly unable to sweat so there’s another seasonal bonus.

I’m still working on the questline and I’ll update progress in the next couple days. In the meantime.

Stay cool.

Forest of Lost Souls

Now that I’m 42% Done, we enter into a new area. The Forest of Lost Souls.

This place is small, as is with the forests, but will show a lot of story line. Things pick up in intensity here. I suggest you grind the available lands to grind and trade trade trade for potions and other helpful loot. But, Some things will cost more than zombie flesh and bones. Around this time the currency in this land turns more to valuables like gold nuggest (most common) Ghast tears (mildly common) Diamonds( cratable and suggested you save) and eventually emeralds for the last 10% of the Story Ark. Emeralds will be ridiculously hard to get but will get you the needed gear to end the story.So I caution you when you play this, save all things you get until it’s clear you don’t need it. When vender’s stop offering things for flesh and bones, stop carrying them. As with many adventure maps, you may find your inventory crowded if you save everything.

City of The Lost

Probably the first major MAJOR city area I’ve done in the Story of Darkness Ark. It has both planned Side quests, suggested Sidequests, and the obvious mandatory quests to move onto the next area. In short it’s pretty well rounded. However, I’m a tiny bit stuck since I’m not familiar with the plugin that we’ll be using for area quests. I wonder if we can use the new dropper/hoppers to our advantage. Maybe


Anyway, it’s about 50% done, but I’m taking a small break to think on just /how/ I want the story to progress from there. I’ve also been thinking on drawing a map for the suggested area travel. Along with irl shit to do and such, I’ve been busy. 

I wont lie, I do go on another server that’s RP to help me think. No better way to think of quests than to play as a character. This server has given me a lot of options to work with. 


Also, Angelscraft will no longer be going full RP server, but will instead have multi worlds. Including an Adventure world for these quests and an Creative world. If I havent mentioned this already.

It’s worth checking out I guess.

“Story of Darkness” Questline

This is the First Quest Ark in Angelscraft New RP section. I will not be including already made details or answers to fights, because there will be a strategy involved in some. But Such things as reacuring villains or monsters and some side quests have yet to be determined.

So I will be posting my progress as I go writing. If I count out the side quests to be added later on. I am already 36% done with the location Quests. However, things get harder as you move on, and the quest lines will overlap in spots. You dont have to do all of the quests, and more will be added into the location of the first Ark later on. Such quests as ones for spells, your ranking in the land as Knight, or so on. And much more.

For this reason, I wont be livestreaming Angelscraft because I’ll be busy doing these quests.


Signing up in my blog will give you the option to post your own ideas for what YOU want to do. Rewards will be determined by location and difficulty. Some quests wont even have rewards, but unlock new areas for you. OR they may gain you favor with the Gods and Goddesses being added later on.

So Sign up, share, like, ect.

I’m making an RP Page, so Progress will be posted here

Once again

Once again Angelscraft has entered into a new era. We WILL remain open, and continue our plans to make the server RP PVP with Quests, classes, magic, and Gods

I myself am Writing the Quest lines, with our Owner Angel checking them. This is primarily her idea but there’s much more.

Soon A creative world will open up, where your inventory will be clean exiting and entering the world. Here you can live or just build and not worry about being griefed


This is all up to change, There will probably be new donator options with the changes, but some I will try to get available through Quest lines. There will be other worlds as well, and on the website you can post your suggestions